connecting with art


I am a list person. I have lists of goals, to do's, ideas. At the top of one such list is, "connect with new people."

Artists who use their work to form relationships with others are very inspiring to me, as are the interactions that art can make between its viewers.  Artwork can begin so many big and small connections: conversations, knowing smiles, disagreements, compassion, intrigue, appreciation.  

These thoughts have been with me as I've have the opportunity to step inside people's homes and work with them to create paintings. Recently I worked with a family who wanted to be reminded of one of their favorite places, the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan. I was excited to be given a subject matter that not only they felt a connection to, but I do as well. We talked about the striking blues of the Bay and the sharp ochre and burnt oranges of the fall. 

In an effort to continue to connect with others, I am thinking more about my process and how to share it. During my first night working on this piece, I took photos as it started to develop.


I loved this project and the connections that it created. I hope to be able to continue using art as a tool for interactions and shared joy.

Leelanau Peninsula

Leelanau Peninsula