cottage commission


One of my biggest inspirations is nature, but more specifically, the water. It is such a challenge to capture the sights, sounds and emotions that come along with a walk down the beach, a day on the boat, or an evening sunset. 

When some family friends asked me to create a piece for their lakefront cottage, I was thrilled to work with them. Their space is airy and open with windows that make you forget you're indoors. Between the faint blue walls and the water reflecting just beyond them, I was excited to dream up a piece that would finish the space. 

My clients were intrigued by two different works of mine, Blue, and Sunset. 


Blue, 30" x 40", oil on canvas 

Sunset,  30" x 30", oil on canvas

Sunset, 30" x 30", oil on canvas


I created several small paintings on paper to give some ideas of color and composition for the new piece. After getting my client's approval, we selected a direction to go in.

Cottage Commission

Cottage Commission


Being able to work with specific spaces is a favorite experience of mine. I don't often know where a painting will end up or how I can make it accentuate its future surroundings, so taking on some of that control is a great exercise. I also enjoy the challenge of commissions as they push me more into the planning process. My work is generally more reactional than premeditated.