Northern Ireland

In November 2017 my husband and I took a trip to Ireland. We spent two weeks adventuring through cities, hills, and coasts as we drove from Dublin to the tip of Northern Ireland. We discovered beauty, history, and kindness in the places and people we visited along the way. It was a great trip balanced with plenty to see, and time to rest and enjoy each others company. I brought along some supplies to try my hand at painting while traveling.


 In Dublin we went to some fantastic art galleries, including the Douglas Hyde Gallery, The National Gallery of Dublin, RHA Gallery, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). I was very inspired by the work at the IMMA, specifically that of Irish artist William Crozier. 


In Belfast I was enchanted by the Titanic Museum, the hills where C.S. Lewis grew up and found inspiration, and the multitude of murals covering the city's Peace Wall.

As we drove further north, the landscape continued to expand into rolling hills and pastures, damp little towns, and rocky sea side cliffs. I was mesmerized by the vibrancy of color and texture, eager to try capture and remember it.


Luke and I camped out in a little cottage on the sea for the last few nights of our trip. While we were there, I spent tea time creating sketches and small paintings on paper.


Now that I'm back home going through photos and organizing my sketches, I'm beginning to plan a body of work in reflection of our time spent in Northern Ireland. It was a beautiful place home to a rich history and culture. The trip was a great opportunity to really look around and be inspired by the color pairings and compositions that are etched into the landscapes of nature. Getting out of town for a couple weeks also gave me the mental space to flex my creativity and think about future work. I am so thankful to have been able to go on this adventure.

The sketches that I created on the trip are available to view or purchase on my sketches page.