Commission Process

As a painter I spend most of my process alone - collecting inspiration, determining color palettes, and moving through the different phases of putting paint to canvas. When I work with a client on a commissioned piece I am able to collaborate and challenge myself with elements outside of my own thoughts and immediate reactions.  I also have worked with clients who are happier to let me run on my own, and I love to go that route as well.

Recently, I created a painting for an interior designer which was a great experience for me. Having a second set of design trained eyes kept me on my toes and pushed me in different directions. 

I start my commission process by working with my client to see what dimensions, colors, and forms they're seeking in the piece. Often times I will visit the space where the painting is going to hang so that we can chat in person and work through the different variables to understand what would work best considering the surroundings.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.02.25 PM.png


The above color swatches came from my client (can you tell she's an interior designer? :) ). The Pintrest board was made of images she collected that emphasized the forms and compositional elements she was drawn toward. 

Next I create 2-3 small works on paper to demonstrate my interpretations of the ideas discussed. These can be taken home to test color and see how they feel in space. 


After agreeing on the direction we want to go, I create a contract that outlines the determined paramiters, cost, and timeline. The last step, creating a one of a kind painting that is perfect for you and your space.


If you're interested in a commissioned piece of artwork, you can contact me to get the process started!