Pop-Up Exhibit

2018 has been a year of firsts for me as an artist. It was the first time that I found myself back logged with work and unable to keep up with projects. It was the first time that I lost energy, interest, and confidence in myself and my work. It was the first time that I thought maybe painting was taking more away from my life than it was giving.

So, I decided to take the summer off from creating paintings. I wanted to spend my time doing the other things that I love, and not feeling guilty about it. I told people that it was a break, but that I may not go back to painting at all. It felt so good to say, and I was really happy to spend summer’s few precious, short, and sweet weekends away from my AC lacking studio.

With the extra time, I found myself constantly alert to inspiration. I started making lists of colors that I was excited about, and imagery that populated my thoughts. I considered what I could do with different mediums, and experimented with a few. By the end of the summer I was excited and eager for a project, and decided to make a it a big one.

Which is how my first ever Pop-Up Exhibit came to be.


On December 1st I hung 38 paintings at Wealthy Studios for one evening only. My goal was to create a space for people to gather and view art in person, breaking down some of the walls that exist with having a mainly digital following and audience. My enthusiasm for creating is greatly strengthened by relationships and conversations with people, so I hoped to foster that.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the event, or supported it online. 37 out of the 38 paintings were sold and I couldn’t be more overwhelmed or excited by the community that surrounds my work.