"Perception" Exhibition

Perception is a collection of abstract works created with acrylic paint on canvas. During the process of creating and curating this exhibit I debated the definition of the word, “perception,” and how it controls my hand as a painter as well as the interpretations of the viewer.



1.  1.a. a result of perceiving: a mental image

2. 2.a. Awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation

     2.b. physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience

3. 3.a. quick, acute, and intuitive cognition

     3.b. a capacity for comprehension

These paintings comment on my experience as an artist struggling with an eye disease that damaged my vision.  As I painted I thought about how my viewers may not be choosing the way they interpret the work, but some would physically see a different image. What experiences are guiding the sensation of seeing a painting? What awareness of the painting’s elements does one person possess compared to another? How does this change the cognitive comprehension of the work? I hope that this collection can strike conversations about what each of us sees, and how we perceive it. 

"Perception" is hanging at Ferris Coffee Cafe on Pearl Street downtown Grand Rapids. The show be be up through May 31st.